Emergency Light Testing.

EMERGENCY LIGHTING TESTING & INSPECTION You can never predict when you may need it, therefore it’s vital that your emergency lighting is of highly quality and regularly tested to ensure it complies with BS 5266-1


Why Do Emergency Light Testing?

UK legislation requires that both new and existing buildings
meet the Workplace Directive (89/654). Fire certificates are no
longer issued or used to demonstrate compliance for fire safety.

Emergency lighting is covered by various pieces of legislation and regulations including:

• Building Regulations 2000 which
define the size of rooms that must have
emergency lighting

• The Construction Products Directive. This
is implemented by building control officers.
Requirements are given in Approved
Document B Fire Safety (Statutory)

• Regulatory Reform Order (Fire Safety)
2005 (Statutory) – England & Wales

• The Fire (Scotland) Act 2006

• Fire & Rescue Services (Northern
Ireland) Order 2006

• The Signs Directive (90/664)
implemented in the UK by Statutory
Instrument 341 (Statutory)

• The Management of Health and Safety
at Work Regulations 1999 (Statutory)

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Failure to comply has serious consequences
Recent surveys from sources such as the Lux Review reveal that:
• More than 50% of emergency lighting schemes won’t work in an incident.
• 70% of building managers see maintenance as a ‘tick box’ exercise.
• 56% of businesses fail to keep their safety systems up to date after an internal refurbishment e.g. emergency lighting is not altered to suit a change in building layout.
• Electricians reported 64% of visited sites’ emergency lighting logbooks are not up to date.
• 55% of survey respondents reported that customers are more concerned with initial expenditure than ongoing
maintenance costs and that once the emergency lighting system is fitted, it is forgotten about.

The consequences of not complying with the law range from fines of £100,000s
to businesses being forcibly closed and prison sentences.

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